In/sight: Bangkok Theatre Festival 2014: The Curious Lives of Shakespeare and Cervantes

14 Nov to 15 Nov 2014
Sodsai Pantoomkomol Centre for Dramatic Arts, Chulalongkorn University

Generasia Limited revisits The Curious Lives of Shakespeare and Cervantes, this time as it makes its Thailand premiere as part of the ongoing Bangkok Theatre Festival 2014. An original play by Asa Gim Palomera, The Curious Lives of Shakespea...

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In/sight: Bibik Behind Bars Kena Again!

5 Nov to 8 Nov 2015
Victoria Theatre

Die-hard habits have never left this Peranakan family! Watch out as the Bibiks of Katong keep up with the times, challenging old traditions and gambling with the new. Since the casinos have made their way into the shores of Singapore, the hope...

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In/sight: Jumble Sale!

25 Mar to 25 Mar 2018
Little Arts Academy (POMO)

We have a jumble sale coming up this Sunday! Come on down and get items* at a good deal! Furniture, apparels and more! We're sure you can find something you'd like! *items being sold are mostly unused and at a really good deal. Used i...

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In/sight: Peranakan Arts Festival 2015

5 Nov to 8 Nov 2015
Empress Place, Victoria Theatre & Victoria Concert Hall

The Peranakan Arts Festival 2015 will be the first time that the Peranakan culture will be expressed through Theatre, Music and the Arts in a 5-day Festival featuring 2 World Premiere Theatre shows, 3 Seminars, free public performances and a...

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