Generasia Limited revisits The Curious Lives of Shakespeare and Cervantes, this time as it makes its Thailand premiere as part of the ongoing Bangkok Theatre Festival 2014.

An original play by Asa Gim Palomera, The Curious Lives of Shakespeare and Cervantes is a witty and energetic romp through the lives of two of history's greatest writers, who died on the same date. Race through the lives of both these great historic figures and rake through their dirty laundry, failed marriages, brawls and successes as they recite pieces from their own works and bring alive incidents from their personal stories through dance and song, comedy and drama, with the occasional piece of slapstick.

“In this piece, I’ve tried to bring forth the sheer humanity of theirs, to present them as it were in their under wears, to show that the emotions we feel from their work are as human as the emotions they, in turn, experienced when they were alive.” - Asa Gim Palomera

14 Nov to 15 Nov 2014

Sodsai Pantoomkomol Centre for Dramatic Arts, Chulalongkorn University

Ticket Prices

Standard - Bt 600
Student - Bt 300
Artists and audiences under 27yrs old - Bt 400

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